Paris Special School District

  • CARES Act Survey

    The Tennessee State Department of Education is seeking input from Directors of Schools and a variety of stakeholders on the state's plan regarding the CARES Act through the following survey:

    Public Survey

    The results will help the state determine the most effective ways to prioritize the use of these one-time relief funds for education. The deadline to complete these surveys is Monday, April 13 at 5:00 p.m. CST. We deeply appreciate your partnership, your leadership, and your incredible efforts on behalf of your students.

  • packet

    From 9-11 parents will need to pick the packets up from the covered area in front of the office. If they will pull up and tell the person what grade, they will bring the packet to them.
    From 5–7 parents can pick the packets up in the car rider line. They will pull through according to which grade their student attends. Someone will bring the packet to them. There is no need during any pick–up time for a parent to get out of his/her vehicle. Parents will not be allowed to come into the school.

    The main school doors will be propped open from 9-11 and 5– 7 tomorrow. Parents can walk into the front office vestibule, go to their child’s grade level table, and take a packet from the top. All paper packets not picked up tomorrow will be available on the food delivery buses on Wednesday.

    Pull to the front of the school, and someone will ask the grade of your child and will give you a packet of work for the week. It is our plan at this time to do this weekly at the same time every Tuesday.

    **If you have internet access, and your child has been doing work for school do not feel obligated to pick up these instructional packets. However, you are welcome to. If your child has been receiving lunches from the school delivered by the school buses, their packets will be delivered with their food on Wednesday.