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    Posted by Jason Scarbrough on 11/20/2020



    IMS Parents and Guardians,

    I cannot say enough about our students that continue to work in their classes and to learn.  The IMS teachers are doing their best to continue to provide fantastic learning opportunities for their students.  I want to encourage you all to keep up with what your students are doing every day.  Virtual learning now is out of complete necessity.  The work your children are doing now is real school.  Their work will be assessed, and they will be given grades on their work.  Grades serve two purposes.  First and most important, teachers use grades to assess the learning of the students. The second purpose for grades is for students and parents to monitor the learning.  Grades are a way to quantify learning, which sometimes is difficult since we all learn differently.  The understanding of this concept is what makes our teachers professionals and superstars at their jobs.

    Although virtual learning is not our preferred method to conduct school, it is what we are doing and might have to do on and off all year.  If we work together, teachers and parents, we can turn a strange situation into a great learning opportunity for our students.  If we do not and do not provide the needed support for the children, then they will fall behind and struggle. 

    I feel very blessed to be a part of a community that values every child.  I am also very happy that we get to work together with such supportive, caring parents.  I have no doubt, together, we can provide meaningful learning opportunities while supporting our children together.  If you as a parent or guardian have a need or a concern about your child’s progress in school, please reach out to us, we can find a solution together.


    Jason Scarbrough

    Principal, IMS

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