Sarah Hampton


    I enjoy helping students discover new worlds and new ways to learn.  I am excited about discovering new adventures working with little ones and their families at Rhea this year! 


    My classroom is a K-2 CDC, which is short for Comprehensive Development Classroom.  We want our students in CDC to receive educational services in their Least Restrictive Environment (LRE.)  Educational services look different for every child in my room.  All my students work at different levels so they receive academic and behavioral support through individualized lessons and interventions, and when appropriate, the student may spend part of his or her day with similar-age peers.


    Please leave messages about transportation on at the school phone number and my voicemail extension or write them in your child's planner.  We check this number often for transportation messages.  Please do not leave transportation information by e-mail.  Also, you may e-mail me at any time that it is convenient for you, but I may not check my e-mails or respond to e-mails during the school day when I am teaching or after 2:45.


    I am excited to provide an education for your child in my classroom!