• Week of 8/12

    Tuesday:  Mid-Unit Assessment

    Wednesday:  1. Opening

                             a. Sharing Exemplar: A Classmate's Quick Write 2

                             b. Review Learning Targets: Distinguish Informational Text from historical Fiction

                          2. Work Time

                             a. Inferring Based on a Map and Previewing Informational Text: "The Vietnam Wars"

                             b.  Read-aloud and Guided Note-taking: Section 1 of "The Vietnam Wars"

                           3.  Closing and Assessment

                              a. Preview Homework and Read-Aloud

                            4.  Homework

                              a. Reread Section 1 of "The Vietnam Wars," complete Section 1 note-catcher, and read one new assigned section

    Thursday:    1.  Opening

                             a. Engaging the Reader: Review Homework

                             b. Review Learning Targets

                        2.  Work Time

                              a. Modified Jigsaw, Part I: Key Vocabulary and Questions

                              b. Modified Jigsaw, Part II: Sharing Our Summaries

                         3.  Closing and Assessment

                               a.  Debrief: Adding to Our "Things Close Readers Do" Anchor Chart

                          4.  Homework

                                a.  Reread Secion 4, "The Fall of the French," complete the questions and notes, and complete Quick Write #3

    Friday:       1.  Opening

                                a. Engaging the Reader and Review Learning Targets: Examining the Increasing Danger Right Before the Fall of Saigon

                      2.  Work Time

                                a.  Rereading "TV News" and "Closed Too Soon": Using the Text to Understand the Crisis in Ha's Home

                                b.  Rereading "Two More Papayas" and "Promises": What Matters to Ha?

                       3.  Closing and Assessment

                                 a.  Debrief: Exit Ticket

                        4.  Homework

                                 a. Read pages 42-47 and complete Quick Write #4