• P.S.S.D Family Enrichment Center


    The Family Enrichment Center serves to identify all children in the Paris Special School District ages birth to five years in order to provide information, parent training, screenings, and referrals to other agencies when needed.

    Our goal is to prepare all children to be successful in school with learning, interpersonal relationships, and feelings of self-worth.


    Areas for Resources and Referrals:



    Family Enrichment Center Programs:

    ·       Preschool in a Bag

    Preschool in a Bag is offered to parents of children who are four years old by August 15th.  Preschool in a Bag includes a story and related activities for parents to share with their preschooler each month- September through May.


    ·       Story in a Bag

    The Family Enrichment Center offers “Story in a Bag” to parent of children who will be three years old by August 15th.  Each month, Sept- May, a book and additional story related activities will be “bagged” and made available at the center.

    ·        Preschool Hour

    Parents, grandparents, and friends of preschoolers in the Paris Special School District are invited to Rhea School on Monday mornings for an hour filled with stories, activities, playtime and fun!


    ·       Read to Me

    Read to Me is offered to families of preschool children who will someday attend Rhea Kindergarten.  This program emphasizes reading as a means of developing language, concentration, attention span and memory.  Age appropriate books are color coded for infants, crawlers, toddlers, and preschoolers.  Books and videos are available for checkout during regular office hours at the Family Enrichment Center.


    ·       Lending Library

    The Family Enrichment provides age appropriate literacy materials for local day care centers each month.  To receive these materials, day care providers may call Allyson Palmer at 731-642-8011.

    For more information:

    The Family Enrichment Center hours are 7:30 - 3:00 pm Monday - Friday. Call 731-642-8011 or you may email us at: allyson.palmer@parisssd.org.


    The Family Enrichment Center Advisory Board:

    Donna Vaughn 
    Amy Cathey
    Chris Hudgins
    Dot Sykes 
    Mary Kate Ridgeway
    Cindy Turner
    Joey Brush
    Lynda Searcy
    Misha Adams
    Mary Lynn Summer, Chairperson