• W. G. Rhea Elementary School Information

       W. G. Rhea Elementary School was founded in 1968 as a K-5 school. In 1989, the Paris Special School District decided to cluster its three schools into like grades and Rhea became a K-1 school. In 1995, an addition was built onto Rhea and the second grade moved here to make our school K-2.  A large preschool wing was added and opened in 2008.  Phase one of a three phase construction project was completed in 2012.  Phase one encased the courtyard and added more classroom space to the existing school.  Phase two was completed in 2017.  New traffic lanes and a new wing to house first and second grade classes, a new office area, and a new reading center were constructed.  Phase three was completed in 2018.  Demolition of the old north part of the school happened, 4 new tornado safe classrooms were built, and a new cafeteria was constructed. 

       Our principal is Mr. Chris Hudgins and our assistant principal is Mrs. Lynda Searcy.  Certified, highly qualified teachers teach all of our classes and we have about one educational assistant per every three classes.  We have four preschool classes (including one for speech developmentally delayed children), ten kindergarten classes, nine first grade classes, and nine second grade classes. We also have two Comprehensive Development Classes (CDC) to meet the needs of our special learners by providing a smaller, structured learning environment.  Students who need specialized tutoring in reading can visit our R.T.I. (Response to Intervention) teachers for a brief time during the day.  Our class sizes range from 18 to 20 students per class. We have one PSSD Virtual Academy teacher per grade level in K-2. This is due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.      

       We have approximately 600 students in our school. Every day, each K-2 class goes to one of the special area classes: S.T.E.A.M. (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math), library, music, or physical education, for 45 minutes. A guidance counselor is available to consult with individual and groups of students and families. First and second grade students get technology training with our mobile laptop computer labs. Students in Kindergarten, first and second grade have four laptops that stay in each classroom; CDC classrooms have four permanent desktop computers in each classroom.  A before and after school program is offered on every school day called Kids Club. Students who participate in Kids Club get organized play time, help with homework, and a healthy snack.