Coach Hendricks's Social Studies


    9/14 French and Indian War


    • Students will complete the Online SmartBook reading for Chapter 2 Section 1 and then complete the Firsthand accounts of the French and Indian War on TEAMs assignments.


    9/15 French and Indian War Cont'd


    • Students will complete the Cause and Effect sheet over the French and Indian War along with pages 27 - 28 in the Gallopade.
    • Virtual Students will Write two paragraphs describing the cause and effects of the French and Indian War.


    9/16 Taxation Without Representation


    • Students both online and virtual will complete the online smart book reading for chapter 2 section 2 title "No Taxation Without Representation."
      • Students will then complete the Teams assignment describing the Taxation  of the colonies.


    9/17 Taxation without Representation


    • We will continue our work on the Road leading up to Revolutionary War. Today we will complete the box chart and sheets on the taxes placed on the colonists by the British government and their impact on the colonists.
    • Virtual students need to finish the TEAMS assignment from yesterday. The last page of the assignment will not let you type on it. Just add your answer for it at the bottom of the document. I have attached a video to help. You can also use your book Chapter 2 Sections 2 and 3.


    9/18 Boston Massacre and Tea Party


    • Students watch a video segment from America the Story of us From the History Channel explaining the Boston Tea Party and the Boston Massacre. They will begin their News Paper article Project describing the two events.