• 'I set up a Flipgrid in Classlink so we can share what we have been doing and share about a favorite book we have read. Your child can click on the flipgrid tile and type in code 724b435d. We have been doing these in class, but students may need help the first time since it has been a while. Once videos are finalized your child can log back in and see their friends videos!


    Let's Play Kahoot!

    I set up a kahoot for students to play at their own pace. Students click the Kahoot tile in class link and type in the challange PINs listed below.  Students have until Tuesday, May 12th at noon to play. Have fun and good luck!


    Adding 2 Digit Numbers PIN 03274562

    Parts of Speech PIN 03600950

    Story Elements PIN 07302605

    Telling Time PIN 01902409

    Phonics PIN 05329156


    Suggested activities for the week of May 4th - May 8th.

    I will be updating learning opportunities on a weekly basis. Your child can access these sites through their Class Link classlink  accounts.  Class Link will also give me the ability to track your child’s progress through these sites. Please contact me by email or cell if you have any questions. There are additional activities available as you scroll down. Thank you! Gina Brush

    Moby Max


    -work on Science and Social Studies

    -work on Math Fact Fluency

    -Take Math Level Assessment 

    Spelling City


    I have assigned several word lists reviews. These assignments will come up when your child clicks on the assignment tab.


    Brain Pop Jr.


    Watch videos and take quizes on suggested topics.



    Addition and Subtraction:



    -Repeated Addition

    -Repeated Subtraction




    -Time to the Minute

    -Time to the Quarter and Half Hour



    be well

    -Be Well

    -Be Safe


    Arts and Technology:







    -Computational Thinking

    -Computer Programming


    My On


    Find stories of interest, turn down the volume and read out loud to someone. 


    More Starfall


    Grades 1,2,3


    Grade 1 English:



    -Unit 5 and 6

    Grade 2-3 English:

    grade 2


    -Parts of Speech Review



    -Word Problems

    -Addition <=20

    -Subtraction <=20

    Geometry and Measurement:



    -Geometry Terms

    -2d/3d Shapes

    -3D Space






    Thank you for your patience as we navigate this new learning process together. 

    I want to encourage you to reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns as I am always here to help. 


    Online distance learning using Classlink resources: https://launchpad.classlink.com/paris

    • Moby Max:  Automatically tailors lessons to meet students' needs.  Language, Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary, Math and Fact Fluency are just a few of the tiles to choose from.
    • Brain Pop Jr.:  Watch videos from ALL subject areas, take quizzes and play games based on the video lesson.
    • MyOn:  Students may read books based on level and interest.
    • Spelling City:  Check out previous spelling/phonics lessons and corresponding word lists and games.
    • Renaissance Pace:  Math Facts in a Flash times and tracks math fact progress.
    • Tumblebooks:  Students love watching books online this way!
    • Starfall:  Look for First Grade language arts and math skills.  You can find lessons and games here.

    Other online learning opportunities:

    Distance Learning ideas that do not require internet:

    • Journal writing 
    • Practice handwriting
    • Write a letter or postcard and mail it.
    • Reading:  Independently or with someone
    • Read a story and write a new ending to it.
    • Make a "blank book" with your own paper and write a fairy tale, fable or interesting facts about a topic.
    • Create a piece of art using any materials on hand
    • Practice addition/subtraction facts using flashcards.
    • Practice addition/subtraction facts using a timer and create a graph to track your progress.
    • Go on a shape hunt for 2d and 3d shapes.  Use those shapes to draw a picture.
    • Play a board game or work a puzzle.
    • Learn a new life skill with a grown-up such as how to sort and fold laundry.

      Mrs. Gina Brush

    731-642-0961 ext. 2613