• Monday: Presenting a Nonfiction Narrative


    1. Before Working
      1. Form groups
      2. Each person will be assigned a role (project manager, researcher, or recorder)
        1. Project manager monitors the schedule and keeps everyone on task
        2. Researcher organizes research activities
        3. Recorder takes notes during group meetings
      3. Assignment
        1. You have read about characters facing different milestones on the path to growing up. Work with your group to create a series of nonfiction narratives about rites of passage to present to the class. Use the following prompt to guide you as you develop your presentation.
          1. What defines an event or experience in a young person's life as a milestone or rite of passage?
    2. Plan With Your Group
      1. Analyze the Texts
        1. Groups discuss the various milestones the characters in the selections face. Using the chart on page 76,
      2. Gather Evidence and Media Examples
        1. Groups brainstorm for not only the types of visuals to use but also for ideas about where to find these visuals.


    Tuesday: Drafting and Rehearsing

    1. Draft and Organize
      1. Students work individually to craft a brief nonfiction narrative for the rite of passage they chose.
      2. Students then work as a group to rehearse, fine-tune, improve their use of media, and brush up on presentation techniques.


    Wednesday: Presentations (Day 1)

    1. Groups 1-4 present


    Thursday: Presentations (Day 2)

    1. Groups 5-8 Present


    Friday: Reading Day

    1. Students read Ender's game for sustained silent reading. They should have the first five chapters read by Monday for a Test.