Daily Lesson Plans

  • Monday: Jump Start: "Apache Girl's Rite of Passage"


        1. Jump Start Discussion: "Apache Girl's Right of Passage"
          1. Students will participate in the discussion post that has been assigned.
        2. Comparing Text to Media
          1. Watch Video
        3. Media Vocabulary
          1. Think Time: where have you seen or used these terms or concepts before? How might narration be used in a film?
        4. First Review
          1. Complete in consumables on page 28.
        5. Comprehension Check
          1. Complete in digital notebook and consumable on page 30.
        6. Close Review
          1. Watch Video Again
          2. Note questions and conclusions in digital notebook
        7. Analyze the Media
          1. Answer in digital notebook


    Tuesday: Language Development and Effective Expression


        1. Jump Start Discussion: "Apache Girl's Rite of Passage 2"
          1. Students complete online in assignments
        2. Analyze the Media
          1. Media Vocabulary
            1. Complete in digital notebook
        3. Writing to Compare
          1. Explain essay assignment
        4. Prewriting
          1. Complete chart in consumable (online version if they wish to do so in addition)
          2. Answer notebook questions digitally


    Wednesday: Effective Expression


        1. Drafting
          1. Structuring the body of your essay
          2. Writing the Introduction
        2. Write First Draft


    Thursday: Effective Expression


        1. Review, Revise, and Edit



        1. Turn In Essays
        2. Evidence Log