Daily Lesson Plans

  • Monday: Concept Vocab and Word Study "The Medicine Bag"


    1. Language Development
      1. Concept Vocab
        1. Students examine words with teacher online.
        2. Why These Words?
          1. Students answer short response questions based on the concept vocabulary
        3. Practice
          1. Students practice writing sentences using concept vocab and give antonyms to determine how the meaning changes if the antonym were to be used.
        4. Telling Words
          1. Mac Flipgrid
      2. Word Study
        1. Animal Words
          1. Record responses in digital notebook


    Tuesday: Word Study and Conventions "The Medicine Bag"


    1. Language Development
      1. Word Study
        1. Add two words to word network chart
    2. Conventions
      1. Verbs in Active and Passive Voice
        1. Explain what a verb is
        2. Explain difference between active and passive voice
        3. Look at examples on Open Activity in digital textbook
        4. Read It
          1. Identify active and passive voice
        5. Write It
          1. Revise sentences to make them active voice
    3. Kahoot
      1. Complete the activity


    Wednesday: Effective Expression "The Medicine Bag"


    1. Effective Expression
      1. Writing to Sources
        1. Write a retelling of the story from Grandpa's POV
          1. Vocabulary and Conventions Connection
            1. Use the concept vocab and active voice in your writing
      2. Reflect on Your Writing
        1. Three questions in digital notebook


    Thursday: Speaking and Listening "The Medicine Bag"


    1. Monologues
      1. Explain what one is
      2. Explain student assigment
        1. Plan Your Interpretation
        2. Prepare Your Delivery
        3. Evaluate Presentation
          1. Turn assignment in using flipgrid


    Friday: Evidence Log "The Medicine Bag"


    1. Evidence Log
      1. Complete the log
      2. Answer reflection questions in digital notebook