• Language therapy focuses on improving expressive and receptive language, as well as using language appropriately in social situations.  Below are some ideas that will help you work with your child.


    1. Use naming strategies to increase vocabulary knowledge.  VOCABULARY is so important.  Talk to your child about  what things are and their functions.  Use flash cards, books or magazines.


    2. Put items into categories. (Red items, blue items or Farm animals vs Zoo animals)


    3. In a group, find which one does not belong.  


    4. Ask "WH" type questions.  (Who, What, When, Where, Why and HoW)


    5. Read age appropriate books and ask questions at the end. Help children by prompting them if they struggle.  For non-verbal children use pictures or communication devices.  


    6. Use social stories.  Many can be found online or you can make your own.  


    7. Board games promote using social skills and turn taking.   


    At home language building games: 

    Headbands (this game is great for vocabulary, turn taking and describing)

    Apples to Apples Jr. (a wonderful game to challenge students to think and expressive their thoughts)