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    Posted by Devona May on 4/1/2020

    Dear Parents/Guardians,

    This coronavirus sure has changed how we work, learn, and play. Schools are closed, sports leagues have been canceled, and many people have been laid off or asked to work from home. To those of you who are essential workers and still going to work every day-THANK YOU. I know this is a scary, uncertain time for us all but I wanted you to know I’m thinking about you all and praying for this to pass quickly. I miss being with your children terribly!

    It seems every time we turn on the news or get on the internet something has changed. This holds true for our schools as well. As I hear something new, I will update you.

    Currently, PSSD is providing learning opportunities for your child. They can be located on my webpage. Some of these can be printed and worked with a pencil; others are online resources. Should you choose to take advantage of these learning opportunities, I am only asking you to review skills that have already been taught in the classroom. I am not asking you to teach new material to your child. However, I do encourage children to explore their interests! This is where natural learning occurs.

    The paper pencil packets to be printed are lengthy. I suggest printing a few pages at a time.

     Third grade teachers are NOT expecting children to sit and work all day. Students should work about 1-2 focused hours on academics per day. We suggest practicing reading, math, science, and social studies in this time. You can overlap these by reading nonfiction texts (science or social studies). Keep in a mind a third grader’s brain can only maintain focus for about 10-20 minutes at a time. Take brain breaks. Short breaks count! These include standing and stretching, jumping jacks, play a song and dance, etc. Just because it may be a review for your child, doesn’t mean he/she has mastered this and won’t need help. If you are frustrated helping your child, he/she will become frustrated. Walk away and come back if necessary.


    Most online resources can be accessed through ClassLink. Your child is familiar with ClassLink. This is a free app that can be downloaded onto any device. It can also be accessed online through our PES homepage. Your child will use their school log-in to access their personal ClassLink account.

    Here are my top suggestions for learning opportunities:



    • READ AT LEAST 20 MINUTES A DAY ** If your child has a device and needs more books to read I encourage you to check out the LIBBY app. It allows you to download books from the WG Rhea Public Library. They will need a library card to do this. **
    • MYON (ClassLink)
    • IXL- LANGUAGE ARTS (ClassLink)



    • MOBY MAX- MATH (ClassLink)
    • PRODIGY (Student Resources tab on webpage)
    • IXL- MATH (ClassLink)
    • ZEARN (ClassLink) **I promised students if they completed Zearn by the end of the year, I would buy them a king sized candy bar or $5 Sonic card. J I will keep this promise! **
    • FUN 4 THE BRAIN- (Student Resources tab on webpage)
    • UNIT 4 & 5 HOME REVIEW (Paper-Pencil from webpage)


    Science/Social Studies

    • BRAIN POP, JR. (ClassLink)
    • STORYWORKS, JR. / SCHOLASTIC NEWS ONLINE (see webpage for link)


    If you have any needs that aren’t being met please let me know, and I will put you in touch with the right community resources.


    Mrs. May J

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