5th Grade Supplies:


                                   20-21 School Year


    Zipper Pencil Bag (large)

    2 (24 count) Packs #2 Wooden Pencils

    1 package multicolored highlighters

    1 package Dry Erase Markers with eracer 

    Crayons and/or Markers/ colored pencils 


    2 boxes tissues

    3 container disinfecting wipes

    3 packages of Wide Ruled Notebook Paper

    1 Blue Pocket Folders (with brads) 

    1 Package of Dividers

    1 regular binder- no trapper keepers

    2 Composition notebook

    1 spiral notebook

    8 Glue sticks

    2 packages of ear buds

    2 box tissues 

    2 bottles hand sanitizer 



    Swimming:    Swim Trunks/One Piece Swim Suit, Towel

    Swim Shoes, Crocs foot, flip flops or sandals.

                            Optional: Goggles or Face Mask

                            Swim Cap


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