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    Rhea Elementary Lunchroom Guidelines for Parents

    We welcome you to come eat lunch with your child. 

    Please adhere to the following guidelines. Thank you!

    • Siblings are not allowed to eat lunch.
    • Due to security reasons, when you eat with your child, you may not have another student sit with you.
    • Restaurant food cannot be brought in.
    • Due to limited space, there is a designated area for parent/child lunches. Please sit at the round tables on the south end of the cafeteria. Students must remain seated while eating.
    • Please return to the office to check out when your child's lunch shift is over.  Please do not go to the classroom with your child.


    Lunchroom Rules

    • Talk quietly, using Level 1 voices.
    • Keep hands, feet, and objects inside your own space.
    • Use good manners.
    • Walk, don't run.
    • Obey all adult workers.