• My name is Brent Harris. I am originally from Martin, Tennessee, but I have lived in Paris for almost eight years. Martin is my hometown, but Paris is my home. 

    I graduated from Westview High School in 2001 and attended UT Martin on a football scholarship where I played for three years as the kicker and punter for the Skyhawks. My original career was in radio and television as I majored in communications at UT Martin and minored in theatre. After working several years in media, I had a change of heart for my passion in life and decided to follow in my mother's footsteps of education, returning to UT Martin in 2012 to pursue my teaching licensure. After one year, I completed the program and began my first teaching job at E.W. Grove School here in Paris. After one semester (January-May) at Grove, I received a phone call from Mr. Scarbrough asking if I would like to join the staff here at Inman.

    For three years I taught at Inman and loved it, but something inside me wanted to return to Martin to teach and coach at my alma mater of Westview. Over the next year, the statement I made previously of Martin being my hometown but Paris was my home became very clear. Fortunately, I was able to get my previous job on Team E in my same room and teaching the same subject as before. 

    I'm going into my seventh year as teacher at Inman and am as excited as ever. I no longer coach any sports as my time after school is dedicated to being a student myself. I am currently enrolled at Tennessee State University where I am pursuing a master's degree in Educational Leadership and Administration. Though I am busy working on my own academics at night, I am never to busy to address student and parent needs and concerns, so feel free to email me at any time!

    I'm excited; I hope you're excited! Get ready 2020-2021, here we come!