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    You may now access ALL A.R. book tests at Rhea School!  No longer will your child be limited to just the A.R. tests that are available from Rhea School.  We have subscribed to A. R. Enterprise.  This allows our students to access any A. R. test in existence (over 130,000!), even if it is not in our library!


    If you have a book that you want to check if there is an A.R. test for it, please log on to RenPlace Home Connect:


    1.    Click here: https://hosted21.renlearn.com/87610/HomeConnect/Login.aspx

    2.    Enter your LUNCH number for your UserName

    3.    Enter PSSD for your Password.

    4.    Look to the top right of the page. Click the A.R. Book Finder Link.

    5.    Search for the book in the search box.


    Note: You may NOT take A.R. tests at home.  This link will just let you know if there is a test, the book level, and the point level.