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    This page was included because some parents ask how their children earn their music grades when we generally do not have tests, etc. as in a regular classroom.  Only second grade students get a music grade.


    KG and 1st grade do not have special area grades.


    2nd Grade:  2nd grade students receive two report card grades for music. These grades are "O," "S," "N," and "U." ("O stands for outstanding. "S" stands for satisfactory. An "N" stands for needs improvement. "U" stands for unsatisfactory.) One grade is a PARTICIPATION grade and one is a CONDUCT grade. The participation grade is based on if your child actively participates in the music program, both in class and at the music plays. This includes active listening, class discussions, singing, playing instruments, following teacher directions, and participating in programs. The conduct grade is based on how well your child follows the classroom rules. He will receive an "O" if he has not broken any rules after warning. He will receive an "S" if he only breaks the rules after warning 2 or less times. He will receive an "N" if he breaks the rules after warning 3-4 times. And he will receive a "U" if he breaks the rules more than 4 times after warning, or if he has received an "N" the previous six weeks and I see no improvement.

    Second graders get a computer printout report card that has all classes listed.  There is a line for both music grades. 

    There are many times where a child can have a good participation grade but a bad conduct grade and vice versa.  Hopefully each child will earn an “O” in both!